Who we are & why we are different?

We are a team of Horticulturists, Agronomists, Soil Scientists, Landscapers and Nature Lovers who have come together to form the concept of Garden Center in Pakistan. We believe in value for money, attention to detail & professionalism and by saying that we really mean that the ingredients mentioned is the recipe which will be a perception changer in the horticulture business across Pakistan.


Garden Center offers a wide variety of horticulture and garden related products. Starting from imported varieties of exotic and ornamental indoor and outdoor plants from European countries like Holland and from Asian countries like Thailand & Malaysia to the local beauties of plant kingdom with thoroughly bred grass varieties (local & imported), organic fertilizers and plant care hormones, Garden Center is equipped with an in-depth green inventory as well as the most upgraded scientific assistance.

Landscape designing, execution and maintenance, all are available here at Garden Center. Fountains, waterfalls, rockeries, walkways, fancy pottery, orchard development and maintenance, kitchen garden development and maintenance indoor & outdoor garden development and maintenance, garden furniture, open and enclosed terrace plantation and thematic gardening, rental plants for commercial and domestic set-ups, bird houses and bird habitat development for your garden to make it as close to nature as possible in an exotic way.